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Pororo: Popstar Adventure

Pororo's journey to stardom begins!

뽀로로 극장판 슈퍼스타 대모험 poster

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Pororo and his friends are an inch away from winning a singing contest which they joined purely for fun. As they advance closer and closer to the final round, the villain Big Ben’s petty jealousy grows. Will Pororo and his friends survive the distractions thrown against them by Big Ben and eventually win the superstar contest?

Directed by: Yun Jae-wan, Kim Sung-min
Original title: 뽀로로 극장판 슈퍼스타 대모험
Genre: Animation, Family, Adventure, Music, Science Fiction

OCON Studios

Country: South Korea
Release date: Dec 08 / 2023
Duration: 78 minutes


Lee Sun
"Pororo (voice)"

Ham Su-jung
"Eddy (voice)"

Hong So-young
"Loopy (voice)"

Jung Mi-sook
"Patty (voice)"

Kim Hwan-jin
"Poby (voice)"

Sa Moon-young

Shim Kyu-hyuck

Kim Han Shin
"Big Ben (voice)"

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