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The Goldfinger

金手指 poster

In 1970s Hong Kong, the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) was formed to bring down the corruption syndicate led by British government officials. One of its top investigators is Senior Investigator Lau Kai-Yuen, who brought down countless corrupted officials. Just as he thought stability and prosperity are within reach, a new era of greed and riches takes him into a new battlefield of corruption.

Directed by: Felix Chong
Original title: 金手指
Budget: USD $45.000.000
Genre: Crime, Drama

Emperor Motion Pictures

Country: China, Hong Kong
Release date: Dec 30 / 2023
Box office: USD $6.136.329
Duration: 126 minutes
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Tony Leung Chiu-wai
"Henry Ching"

Andy Lau
"Lau Kai Yuen"

Charlene Choi
"Carmen Cheung"

Simon Yam
"K.K. Cheung"

Michael Ning
"Ren Chong"

Carlos Chan Ka-Lok
"Robert Ho"

Tai Bo
"Wu Rensong"

Alex Fong

Philip Keung Hiu-Man
"Musharra Hafa"

Chin Ka-Lok

Kaki Sham
"Johnny Tsang"

Catherine Chau
"Sun Hui"

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