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Ariel: Back to Buenos Aires, The Love Letter to the City and Tango, Premieres in North America

"Ariel: Back to Buenos Aires" is a dance and drama film that speaks about how the past embraces us, in addition to being a love letter to the city of Buenos Aires.

The feature film has been directed and written by Canadian filmmaker Alison Murray, who, through her relationship with her husband Carlos Boeri, has come to know and fall in love with the world capital of tango. It will arrive on on-demand platforms in the United States and Canada in September.

The story of "Ariel: Back to Buenos Aires" follows siblings Davie and Diana Vega, who return to Argentina, their country of birth. As they learn to dance the tango, they uncover a series of family secrets that provide answers to their existential conflicts. Regarding the theme of this story, Murray comments: "This film tackles the challenging themes of identity and family secrets, enveloping them with the beauty of Buenos Aires and the sensuality of tango. The story reflects my experiences falling in love with tango. At the heart of this film lies the revelation of truth, both personal and political."

The journey of the siblings unfolds as a process of reconciliation between the two characters. They are very different, and the idea of returning to Argentina 30 years later, without speaking Spanish, presents an opportunity for Davie to overcome depression and, in the process, find answers about his true identity. The protagonists are portrayed by Cristina Banegas and Davie Vega.

In 2015, the director directed "Caprichosos de San Telmo," a portrait set in the environment of working-class dancers and musicians in the touristy neighborhood of San Telmo. Leveraging the city's cultural influences, they create a street performance called "Murga."

In 2020, the filming of this movie began but had to be paused due to the pandemic and resumed the following year. In 2022, post-production was completed between Buenos Aires and Toronto. The production highlights that in this new story, the director brings her comprehensive knowledge of tango, capturing the charm and sensuality of this dance and showcasing significant locations and settings of the tango community in the Argentine capital. "The film locations, choreographies, and tone ingeniously convey the fascinating spirit of tango, immersing the audience in a world of enchantment and passion," they comment.

The feature film has participated in over a dozen festivals, winning the Best Foreign Feature award at the Arizona International Film Festival, the same award received at the Latino Film Market NY, and the jury award at the Mumbai International Film Festival.

Distribution on Apple TV and Google Play platforms will be available starting from September 12, under the distribution of Level 33 Entertainment in Canada and the United States.

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