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Mirror of Light: Exhibition commemorating 20 years of the Colombian Film Law

From November 15, the exhibition 'Mirror of Light' commemorating the 20 years since the enactment of the Film Law in Colombia will be open to the public.

Curated by the Film Development Fund and the National Promotion area of Proimágenes, the exhibition is interactive and itinerant.

The exhibition, currently hosted at the Cinemateca de Bogotá, features three devices: the first, called 'Past Presents,' takes a journey through the stories told over 20 years of the Film Law (Law 814 of 2003), which has enabled the production of almost 500 feature films and twice as many short films. According to the curatorship, this first device is 'a wealth of information that serves us to look back and contemplate the journey of national cinematography.'

The second device, called 'Present Futures,' is an interactive space with a machine capable of generating over 375 million possible synopses, based on all those told by Colombian cinema so far. In this space, 'visitors come together to build their own story,' just like 'those who want to carry out an audiovisual project must associate.'

The third device is quite innovative; a tarot of Colombian cinema with texts by the writer and critic Ricardo Silva Romero and illustrations by Mar García. This device 'allows us to inquire about what we were, are, and will be, and obtain answers through the characters of our cinema.'

Proimágenes Director Claudia Triana has commented on this exhibition, praising the virtues of this law and its derived incentives, which have led to achievements such as this year's release of over 60 films. 'We celebrate nearly 500 feature films and 1000 short films made possible since the enactment of the Film Law in 2003. We also celebrate that the production of Colombian films has multiplied, from four released in 2004 to over 60 released this year. 'Mirror of Light' is a showcase of the virtues of the audiovisual incentives system in Colombia, a reference in Latin America, and also the work of all those who have contributed from creation and management to bring our cinema to where it stands today.'

Promoting inclusion, the exhibition will have a guided tour in sign language on November 18. There will be more guided tours for the general public on November 23, 25, and 30, all at 3 pm. The exhibition, available until February 25, 2024, can be visited from Tuesday to Friday from 2 to 6 pm and on weekends, including holidays, from 11 am to 6 pm.

The production and assembly of 'Mirror of Light' were carried out by Timbo Estudio, with the co-production of Idartes and the Cinemateca de Bogotá. The exhibition is free and is located in the gallery of the venue.

The so-called Film Law was enacted on July 2, 2003, through which 'rules are established for the promotion of cinematographic activity in Colombia,' clarifying concepts and definitions around this activity while establishing the competencies for the State through the Ministry of Culture, with which policies have been outlined and incentives assigned for the production of audiovisual works, also protecting exhibition with the allocation of a parafiscal quota, borne by cinematographic exhibitors, distributors, and producers of feature films, and whose resources obtained are managed by the Mixed Fund Corporation for Cinematographic Promotion.

Image credits: Alexis Lozano/Cinemateca de Bogotá

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